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Rosalie Lombardo

                                Mapping Your Souls Purpose - Astrological reading


                          Mapping Your Soul’s Purpose

                                                    Astrology Chart

                                                   By Rosalie Lombardo

        When you reach the inevitable crossroads in life, you are bound to stop and wonder:
                                                     Why am I here?
                                      What am I meant to do in this lifetime?
                                    Where should I focus my time and energy?

        Astrology offers a bounty of clues to crack your soul’s code and help you realize your
             heart’s desires.


Soul Purpose astrological charts offer a method of peering into the cosmos and 
            understanding the most important aspect of your nature, your soul.

       Your personal chart is the key to your intentions – helping you make sense of past life
            traumas and triumphs, and identifying the karmic lessons you’ve chosen to master in this

                                   To order call The R & R Ranch @ (417) 742-1247
                                          or e-mail
         $25.00 per chart includes an extensive narrative plus a color photograph of your cosmic
          placement wheel.


                 Please include:                   Your Name
                                                            Date of Birth

                                                            Time of Birth
                                                            Place of Birth


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