Energy in Bloom 
Rosalie Lombardo
Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach® Flower Remedies

   Have been used around the world for more than 70 years

They are 100% safe for both Humans and Animals


     Balance Negative Emotions:

     Bach Flower Remedies® can balance emotional upheaval (such as, anger, stress, anxiety,
     trauma, depression, children's nightmares, adjustment issues, bullying everything in


     The Essences naturally sooth the soul during periods of transition (eg. divorces, death,
     homesickness, menopause, teenage hormonal years.).

       Animals suffer from Negative Emotions too:                              
     Animals are particularly soothed with Bach® Flower Remedies®. They too feel fear, anger,
     jealousy, depression, separation anxiety and a host of other emotions.
     For animals a
dd 2 to 4 drops of Remedies® to their drinking water. Your pet will drink as
     often as needed.

      Questionnaire designed to customize your needs:
By filling out the questionnaire we can customize a combination of remedies designed to your
      specific needs.

One 2 oz bottle of customized remedy $35.00 up to 3 combinations)
plus shipping


To order call:          The R & R Ranch @ (417) 742-1247

               or e-mail:         rosalie.lombardo@gmail. com

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