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Rosalie Lombardo
                           CUSTOMIZED DEVELOPMENTAL ASTROLOGY SPRAYS        

              Astrological Development Customized Aura Spray
               Certified in 
Jewels of the Lotus creations 
            The Spiritual Healing Sciences of Gemstones Vibrational Healing Medicine
                     using Rasa Vidya Astrology, Gemstone tinctures and Essential oils

  Jewels of the Lotus Astrology Tinctures are Personalized Aura Sprays 
        designed to enhance, balance, strengthen and clear your auric

       Creating your Prescription
      We calculate: from your birth date through the current day your spray is created and  time and place of birth. The nine esoteric charts consulted bring into light your current age and the energies involved with who you are today and what areas need strengthening, balancing and clearing.

       Tinctures are a homeopathic creations -
(homeopathy treats the cause of an imbalance on both  a conscious and an subconscious level.). we analyze which gemstone tinctures are needed to enhance your aura and add to your mix.
     The process consults “Kalachakra” (the wheel of time) and
eight other ancient charts, including The Tree of Life, Chakra Genesis cycles, Your Vitality cycles, and the Nine Critical Year Points.

The essential oils chosen are dictated by your planetary arena and are pure essential oils of the highest quality. Your customized formula may include up to eighteen (18) essential oils.

Gemstones are cured under direct sunlight for a period of time, then based on your personal calculated chart your formula may include up to nine (9) planetary tinctures.

      Your bottle is activated in a Tibetan bowel who's pitch is attuned to the heart chakra - key of C.
      The culmination of the above ingredients make this a highly vibratory tincture.
      Mathematical calculations, chronology, astrology, planetary gemstones tinctures, essential oils, sunshine, vibration, activation, channeled energy and sound produce a scent as unique as you are.

      What does your Auric Spray Do?  Repairs your auric field, strengthens your constitutions where it is week, rebalances areas needing attention, clears and enhances your energy and lifts your spirits.
                                                             HOW TO USE:  
           Spray your aura each morning and as many times as desired throughout the day.

          When the bottle is two-thirds empty, refill with distilled water (do not use tap water,
          it will contaminate the formula.).  Remember homeopathy works through dilution,
         the more diluted the greater its power. Your spray is good for one year at which time
        recalculation is needed..

                                   One 8 oz bottle aura spray $70.00 plus shipping
              An astrological developmental reading can be purchased for an additional $20.00

        As my gift to you - first time buyers will receive a developmental reading free of charge.

To order e-mail:

                             or call:               The R & R Ranch @  (417) 742-1247

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