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        Energy Medicine 

-  Angel Card Readings
-  Astrological Aura Sprays 
-  Chakra Energy Therapy
-  Developing Your Intuition
-  Dream Analysis
-  Emotional Frequency Technique
-  Energy Balancing
-  Healing Therapies
-  Vibrational Medicine
-  Meditation Techniques
-  Reiki Energy Medicine & Beyond
-  Reflexology
-  Spiritual Growth
-  Visualization Techniques

  National Health Certifications

-  Acupuncture Diagnostics
-  Bach Flower Remedies

-  Body Systems
-  Body Works

-  Cupping
-  Digestive Health Specialist
-  Hair, Tongue & Nail Analysis
-  Herbology
-  Hypnotherapist: 
Specializing in
        Past Life Regression

-  Iridology diagnostics
-  Lymphatic Drain Therapy:
      with advanced degree for cancer
       patients therapy

-  Natural Health Professional
-  Neat (Nerve Energy Alignment

-  Nutritional Counseling
-  Stress Management Techniques


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           Energy In Bloom

           Established in 1996 

                 Rosalie Lombardo 

With over twenty years of experience in the field of metaphysics and natural health I incorporate an eclectic approach to guide you to your ultimate health.
y   I recognize we are unique individuals with an array of different needs in various areas. The client and I take a partnership approach in designing a protocol that is customized to the individual.

   My job is to make you aware of the natural, holistic, spiritual and integrative therapies that exist. Your job is to take charge of your healing process by incorporating the agreed upon therapies into your daily life.

   I have been an educator of metaphysics and health curricula since 1996 through three Chicago Colleges, Resurrection Medical Center, Ozark Technical Community College, various Chicago area Holistic Institutes and teach independent classes nationwide.

  Credentials: B.A. with an emphasis on psychology (Northeastern University, Chicago), graduate in the following disciplines: Meditation Techniques (The Temple of Krya Yoga Chicago, International), Enzyme Digestive Health Specialist (Loomis Institute, Madison Wisconsin), Nationally certified as a Natural Health Professional (Trinity School of Natural Healing, Indianapolis).
   Holding 37 certifications in a variety of disciplines gives me insight into helping you create a unique approach to your health.

   I am an ordained minister through Midwest University's Haven Center for Healing and Education.

   My passion for energy work led me to pioneer the teaching of metaphysics, energy medicine, meditation, developmental chakra classes and various other health & energy related classes through the Chicago City Colleges, Ozark Technical Community College and Resurrection Medical Hospital. 

  I have created over 70 classes in health awareness, nutrition, energy medicine, emotional awareness, mental self-help and spiritual awareness.

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